The Link with Social

Be a social change driver generating impact with your clients.
Involve your business model with transparent causes. 

Your Strategy

Channel your client’s generosity thorugh your company.
We help you design an effective social cause marketing strategy.
Some successful approaches are:

Transactional Campaigns

Corporate donations triggered by consumer actions.

Non-Transactional Campaigns

Corporate donations not necessarily explicit to clients.
Check corporate.

Portion of Purchase

Donate a portion of your sales for a social cause.

Digital Engagement

Create a digital experience to engage your clients
with social causes.

Buy One Give One

Donate a product to help a social cause
based on each sale of that product.

Transparency First

Why us? Through our easy-to-use platform, everyone can understand
how are donations being used and what is the social impact generated.

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and let’s make happiness sustainable.