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We guarantee transparent processes in real time and visible results, both in the use of funds and in the impact of donations.

Transparency for all

In our platform you will be able to view the activities of the cause and the expenses that have been made in each one, as well as the impact on the beneficiaries. The radical transparency of our causes is built from recurring reports by organizations, making the use of funds transparent in real time through images, documents and comments. In this way, all stakeholders will be able to see the impact that their donation has generated.

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Accounting in order

We ensure that donation recipient organizations can accredit receipt to facilitate donor accounting processes through certificates. We provide the type of certificates that organizations have, their tax exemptions and accounting restrictions, so that the donor can make an informed decision and maximize the impact of their donation.

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CLYC methodology for causes

The social causes that are financed in our platform are created by NGOs through the CLYC methodology, these are causes with clear expenses and objectives, limited in time and controlled for different collection scenarios. With this, donors, prior to making their aid, can understand how their contributions will be used and once the aid is completed they will be able to see the results obtained in real time.

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