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Diagnose your company and improve its impact

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Based on the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations, we carry out a diagnosis of your company helping you to know which ones best represent it and which ones you could enhance.

Diagnosis of Contribution to SDG

With this procedure, your company will understand its contribution to each of the sustainable development goals, helping you to obtain valuable information to organize your social impact strategy.

This diagnosis is obtained from an elaborate set of questions that expert consultants have prepared to see the level of progress of each SDG in your company, taking into account its country, industry and size.

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Know the preferences of your Stakeholders

Involve your collaborators and clients to know their interests in terms of development objectives. You can send them a set of questions where they can show their preferences on which SDGs should be promoted in your company. This way you can create a strategy that resonates with everyone's values.

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Create your impact strategy

The strategy is the guide that your company must follow to achieve its goals of social and environmental impact.

If you made the diagnosis, you will have important information to create it.

You can select SDGs that you want to promote, opting for those where your company is lagging behind, or enhancing those in which your company already has progress to position it as a leader in the industry. Then you can define your objectives and select your target population.

The strategy is your social fingerprint, which will help us to recommend the NGOs and social causes most compatible with your company.

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Finding the organization that helps you meet your business development goals is as simple as doing Clyc.




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