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Finding the organization that helps you meet your business development goals is as simple as doing Clyc.

A marketplace for impact

Make your project of social or environmental impact a reality by coordinating with an NGO. You can receive proposals from different NGOs and choose the one that best solves your project or select active social causes on the platform.

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Publish your Project

You will be able to select the needs you are looking to cover and the conditions that NGOs must meet in order to apply.

For this, you can create a set of questions for NGOs and establish the monetary or in-kind amount with which you will commit.

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Co-Create a Project

Having published your project, you will be able to co-create a solution with an NGO from scratch. If you have an impact strategy, we will recommend the best organizations to carry out your project, impacting the territory and the beneficiaries of interest. Invite them to participate or wait for them to make a proposal.

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Boost an already active cause

Organizations may have already started social causes that can meet the objectives of your impact strategy. If you decide to promote an active cause on our platform, you may have already received donations before; you can still select it.

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We guarantee transparent processes in real time and visible results, both in the use of funds and in the impact of donations.




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