IF-MC-CA-DI’s mission is to focus on improving the relations between individuals and groups in civil societies in the regions involved; in particular the cultural, social, economic and political entrepreneurs, activists and scholars seeking to play a leadership role in development. It is based on the fact that the relations between the countries in the South and the United States in the North are weak and on the belief that the best way to improve the situation is to strengthen the relationships between individuals and groups at the level of civil society.

Scope of the Project

The goals for IFMACCADI-led “Puerto Rico Transformation Project” is to promote sustainability development at the local municipalities level based on a transition to decentralized, clean and reliable energy with a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework as a reference for a lasting social, environmental and economic impact.

The output of the project will be to provide resilient clean energy systems for community centers in Puerto Rico and to develop local sustainability plans that can help municipalities in their funding and implementation strategies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) expedited by a transition to clean and resilient energy systems.

Community Centers

Solar electric Photovoltaic systems combined with battery storage provide clean energy all year round, and importantly, even when the utility grid goes down.

During emergency recovery periods, resilient community centers become the nodes in the support network, providing a variety of services that change through the stages of recovery. They provide communications, such as internet WiFi and Cell phone repeater antennas. They provide a location to distribute goods. They provide light at night, cell phone charging, and other vital needs.

During non-emergency periods, the Solar PV saves money every month on energy costs, which allows that money to be spent on other community services. The equipment can also function as an “hands on” learning lab, which combines with vocational training on how to build solar PV, growing the skillset of the local community.

We have several “shovel ready” projects that we aim to finance through crowd sourcing but are also open to co-development partners and/or donations of equipment.

5-year Sustainability Plans

The 5-year local sustainability plans will include a detailed energy demand analysis and the design of solar mini-grids to achieve greater autonomy from unreliable and unstable national grid and a cleaner and more affordable alternative to diesel generators for municipal energy uses (Water pumping, Street Lighting, Health and Education facilities, Emergency and Community Services, etc)

Solar Mini-grids

We will seek public and private funding to support municipalities with the initial pilot projects using solar mini-grids for the most pressing needs in the municipalities of Yabucoa, San Lorenzo and Vieques.